Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Facebook - Watch Out!!!

Warning! There are some facebook hackers about. My account, as well as a couple of my friends accounts have been hacked into. It might have something to do with us being careless, and logging on from random computers in school or something, but still. A lot of bad things happened because someone hacked into my facebook account.

When you finish using your facebook (no matter where it is) make sure that you log out of it properly. Dont save your password, unless its your computer, and even then it still isn't a wise choice.
Check and change your password regulary, this makes it harder for someone to guess your password, and try and make it complex, using numbers as well as letters.
Check your email address. The person who hacked into my account had changed the email address. Fortunatly whoever it was hadnt changed my password yet, and I managed to change the email back. You might be thinking why is this important, but if the hacker changed your email and password, then you would have no way of getting your account back.

I hope none of your accounts get hacked into! Just thought that I should warn you guys - when mine got hacked, it made me and a few people fight (because things were being said about the hacker, and msg's were being sent by the hacker to my friends, as if they were from me), and it was just really bad.