Saturday, April 5, 2008

A poem I wrote

Here is a poem I wrote. I didn't spend that much time on it, but it's here nonetheless. Tell me what you think about it :)

These Feelings

These feelings I have for you
They're impossible to describe
As impossible as the moon outshining the sun during the day
And the sun beaming light down to us at night

No one can explain this impossible feeling to me
They all say that you know when you are in love
And you'll know who the right person is
Even if they seem wrong at the begining

The feeling of love is when you can plead complete insanity
While testifying for why you were killing to get his attention
To see him stare at you with his eyes
And feel his love right beside you

Describing it in one word is as hard as describing it with many
You could write a love song on how you feel
But keep changing it because deep down you know
That there is no way to write how you feel

By Aashni S

Tell me what you think about it, and if I should try and write some more poems...


Skittles said...

Beautiful poem!

Aashni XoX said...

Thanxs :) :)
I wrote it just before I was going to sleep, and thought that I should add it up here...

Anonymous said...

Cool poem. I Write poetry too. (With my own made up rhyme scheme)

Aashni XoX said...

thats sooo cool!!!
maybe we could talk sometime? through msn or something?

elvin said...

what a poem.... very nice.